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Keith Bray

My adventures at Paper Tiger Poetry I witness the Birth of the 3 Queens of Poetry, extraordinary 3 wonderful poets turn the audiance to mincemeat putty in their hands. Just read this report. Jason and Mum
by the way i am doing a slot on the same bill as The 3 Queens of Poetry, with
Poppy Dillon, Cheryl Mclennan, Heather Moulson, Rodney Wood and of course Office Girls go crazy, don’t for get me Keith Bray open mic. read all about it on on Office girls go crazy website

Paper Tiger Poetry

Me and mum just stopping for a picture. oFFICE gIRLS are wating reports from Shaun, Rodney and Tom. It’s a foot where Sherlock ? both side plans are coming togerher. Battle on The 3 Queen of Poetry take on Office Girls Gang 24th Sept Tea House Theatre; who will be the victor! The 3 Queens of Poetry have no idea where i am or do they ?.

All will be revealed soon look out for breaking News on What’s that – behind you, ho no The 3 Queens of Poetry are closing in, where the 4th Queen Army ? all this and more will be revealed @ Paper Tiger Poetry the fun begins.
Be sure to let your friends know.

Venue Tea house Theatre 139 Vauxhall Walk SE.11 5HL Show start 7:30 sign up for open mic from 7 pm

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